There are many herbal treatments

What else you should know about menopause and hair loss Hair loss seems to be an abstract for most people. They believe that the feeling of lost self-confidence associated with hair loss will continue to escape them. In the end, realizing that hair loss can happen to anyone is a new revelation that can shock anyone thinking otherwise. More importantly, people can just live their lives normally while they don't realize that baldness hit them already. Knowing the different hair loss symptoms will guide you to apply different hair loss remedies and help you adjust to a new and better you. Importance Of Knowing Hair Loss Symptoms There is very little research done connecting menopause with hair loss because it is not very often encountered. If you have been diagnosed with the reason for hair loss attributed to menopause, a simple hormone replacement therapy will help. However, before going into any treatment you should ensure that you exclude bacterial infection, fungal infection, dandruff and even stress as causes for hair loss. Only then will the treatment really be effective.There are many herbal treatments that can be helpful in hair regeneration, though they are slow to take effect. It takes two to three months to see any results, and in this time, many people change the medication thinking that it does not work. It is very important for the treatment, whether it is for menopause and hair loss or any other reason, to wait for a minimum of 2-3 months before deciding to change the medication.