such as chemotherapy

Normal hair growth cycle and loss, a certain amount of hair loss occurs in everyone's life. . Some people say that, at any given point in time, about 10% of the hair on the scalp is in a resting phase, which reveals a few months later, giving way to new hair growth. This growth phase lasts 2-6 years, each hair monthly growth of about 1 cm. Therefore, nearly 90% of the hair growth at any one time. Regular hair loss is part of the cycle, however, some people experience excessive hair loss. Diseases, such as chemotherapy, diabetes, lupus, gout, blood clotting, birth control and anti-depressant drugs can cause hair loss. However, excessive hair loss is a cause for concern. There are many reasons may lead to excessive hair loss. Any major diseases, fungal infection or surgery may be the main reason. Hormonal problems, such as low thyroid function, or super or male (androgens) or female (estrogen) hormonal imbalance causes hair loss. Postpartum hair loss is a common form of hormone imbalance, and occur at this time.